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Control Who Enters and Exits Your Property

Exclusive Audio & Security in Chicago, Illinois provides door access card control systems. We also have biometric and smart card readers available as well as time and attendance machines.  

Kantech Access Control Starter Kits offer a comprehensive solution for growing businesses that are seeking an easy-to-use and highly reliable access control system. This all inclusive kit provides everything needed to create a complete access control system. From the powerful EntraPass software and KT-300 or KT-400 door controllers to all of the peripherals in between, the Starter Kit makes sure nothing is left to chance

The Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) is an ideal entry system for small, medium, and large sites with an existing access control system, or applications that require telephone entry access only. The system provides visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor using the KTES and can grant or deny admittance directly from a telephone land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button. The KTES is simple and easy to install, can co-exist with Kantech controllers and can be remotely managed using EntraPass software. A simplified version of the EntraPass software is included with the KTES for fast configuration & firmware upgrades, live transaction monitoring & system backup.

Kantech Biometric Fingerprint Reader Sold and Installed by Exclusive Audio & SecurityBiometrics are physical and behavioral characteristics unique to an individual such as a finger or palm print, iris pattern or facial image. Each individual has unique biometric data; and so solutions based on biometrics offer a better and more accurate means of ensuring the integrity of an access control system than cards alone. Biometric based solutions quickly capture patterns from physical characteristics of individuals and then match these patterns against records in a database. Many organizations are turning to biometrics to enhance both the security and convenience of their existing systems.

Time & Attendance

Convenient and efficient Time & Attendance application is built-in. Individual applications software are available as standalone systems, or can be deployed in any combination to deliver a single integrated solution that uniquely satisfies each customer's particular needs in small, midlevel, and enterprise level security.

Visitor Management

Integrated visitor management application provides full security features with convenience and efficiency.

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