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Wireless iR Controlled or Radio Frequency(RF) window treatments, Cellular window shades, System Controlled Lutron wireless shades, Lutron Radio Ra 2, Battery Powered Lutron Window Treatments.
Cellular ShadesView color and finish options

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Lutron Cellular Shades:
The Benefits Sivoia® QS Wireless cellular shades offer incredible value at an affordable price, backed by the quality of the Lutron brand. Featuring patent-pending Triathlon™ power technology that provides a 3 year battery life, you will enjoy years of constant operation without worrying about battery replacement. And, because they operate via a remote, you can adjust them from anywhere in the room. Control options include, Pico® Wireless Controls, seeTouch® QS Wireless keypads, GRAFIK Eye® QS Wireless, RadioRA® 2 and HomeWorks® QS.

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BenefitsAdd Convenience
  • A single press of a button from a remote control can set multiple shades in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach window treatments, all while reducing glare and increasing privacy

Enhance Your Décor
  • Distinguished cellular design, offered in a wide range of styles, give your room a crisp, clean look that is sure to enhance any décor

  • Cord-free operation makes this a safe solution for homes with young children

Save Energy
  • Innovative air pockets trap heat to provide superior insulation for enhanced energy efficiency

Easily Install and Maintain
  • Unique patent-pending battery technology ensures long battery life for hassle-free maintenance
  • Exclusive Tap ‘n Tilt™ technology makes changing the batteries a breeze
    • Simply press the release buttons located above the shade headrail
    • The headrail will tilt forward, exposing the battery trays inside of it
  • Dust resistant fabric reduces cleaning

Style OptionsLutron cellular shades are as functional as they are beautiful. They come in varying opacities from sheer and translucent to room darkening, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of light control and privacy for your space. In addition, all cellular shade fabrics have a white backing that acts as a reflector, to help keep your space cool and comfortable. With these dual-sided fabrics, you can give each room a signature look while maintaining a uniform appearance from the outside.
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Light-Filtering – Single-Cell
  • Transform harsh daylight into a soft, filtered glow
  • Provide varying levels of privacy from the outside
  • Save energy with insulating fabric and design
Lutron Light Filtering Cellular Shade sold and installaed by Exclusive Window Treatments Chicago
Light-Filtering – Double-Cell
  • Allow some light to filter into the space
  • Save even more energy with double-cell insulating design
Lutron Light Filtering Double Cell Cellular Shade Window Shades Chicago
Room-Darkening – Single-Cell
  • Block light from entering into a space
  • Create complete privacy from the outside
  • Save the most energy due to aluminum lining
Lutron Room Darkening Shades Chicago Window Treatments